Art history lectures focus on the masters of classical painting from Titian and Rembrandt to Degas and Sargent.  We explore their techniques, ideas, and approaches to the art of oil painting.  How does an artist use line, value, color, brush-work, narrative, and symbolism? What images or techniques did he learn from his teacher or other masters? How did his style and subject matter develop? What is the relationship of form and content in his work?

These questions are central to our approach because the Golden Gate Atelier art history program is designed to be of practical use to professional artists. While a basic historical framework and biographical details are included, names and dates matter less than inspiration. Students are asked to consider how the works they admire are relevant to the contemporary world. Hopefully this will enable them to take the best of the tradition and use it to support their personal vision.

2018 Fall Trimester:

Oct 8  –   The Classical Tradition 
Oct 15 –  The Sight-size Portrait 
Oct 22 –  The Ancient Greeks
Oct 29 –  The Renaissance – Florence and Rome
Nov 5  –  The Renaissance  – Venice
Nov 12 –  The Renaissance – Northern Europe
Nov 19 –  The Baroque –  Painting
Nov 26 –  The Baroque –  Sculpture