As students, Sorolla and Repin had the ability to move from idea to image. They could construct figures from their imagination and create a powerful visual narrates. This was expected of graduates of ateliers in the late 19th century. The Golden Gate Atelier believes it is time to restore this training. Just as we use the Bargue drawings, we have created a composition program based on nineteenth century instructional manuals. We use a series of composition exercises beginning with still life and landscape, and then move to multi-figure composition. Students study narrative and visual communication. In their final year, they make a large diploma painting. The only way for classical tradition to come alive is for young painters to make meaningful images for our time. The Golden Gate Atelier aims to give them the tools and the inspiration to do just that.

2018 Winter trimester: Saturdays 10am – 2pm

January 13  –  Intro lecture and discussion
February 10, 24
March 10
In this class we will set up and work on a 3/4 length portrait from life – this will be a long pose.

There will be homework for each session.

Fee: $450. Waived for full-time students