The Golden Gate Atelier Drawing Program

The Golden Gate Atelier is dedicated to the highest standards of draftsmanship. Our program includes both visual and structural drawing. Students begin by copying master drawings and making in-depth studies from classical, Renaissance, and nineteenth century sculptures. When these foundations have been mastered, they move on to charcoal portraits and figure drawings from life using sight-size. Progress is individual and allows each student to work at his own pace. Once a given skill is mastered, the next challenge is introduced. This time-tested program gives students a high degree of skill. Drawing is the foundation of everything we do at the Golden Gate Atelier. As August Rodin said, ” It is only too evident that if drawing is lacking . . . the most powerful emotion cannot find expression.”

The Golden Gate Atelier is one of the few classical ateliers that includes conceptually-based structural drawing. We believe it is essential to draw both from life and to construct from one’s trained imagination. As Ingres said to Degas, “Draw lots of lines, both from nature and from memory.” Students learn the basics of perspective and how to construct the figure with geometric forms. We connect this constructive training to the study of anatomy and apply them both to our drawings of the nude. This gives drawings a solidity that is often lacking from a visual approach alone.

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