The Golden Gate Atelier part-time program is a once weekly trimester based program that aims to give students an introduction to classical atelier methodology taught in the full-time atelier program over a two year period.

Students learn to use the sight-size method and comparative measurement techniques to achieve accurate and aesthetically pleasing figure and cast drawings. The course emphasizes accurate proportions and organization of values to create a strong light impression. Through lectures, demonstrations, and individual critiques, students develop a discerning eye towards both their subject and their own work.

Program details:

In their first year, students will focus on drawing in charcoal on toned paper. Over the course of their first 3 terms, students will complete 2 Bargues copies, 3 figure drawings, and one cast drawing.
The second year is focused on oil painting. Students will complete one figure in grisaille, one in a limited palette, and one in an expanded palette. Students will also complete one cast in grisaille, one in a limited palette, and finally a master copy of the classical Renaissance, Baroque, or 19th century Academic painting of their choice.

Students can join the program at any level of education.

Group I meets on Fridays, Group II meets on Sundays
9:30am – 12:30pm students work on personal projects: Bargues, casts
1:15 pm – 4:15 pm students work on figure from a live model

Please see our Academic Calendar for upcoming dates.