Ingres said, “Drawing is the probity of art.”  In other words, drawing is what holds the art of painting together.  It is the foundation.  The Golden Gate Atelier recommends that students keep a sketchbook.  Paper, pencils, vine charcoal, sanguine, ink and many other materials are readily available at Blick, Utrech, Pearl and other art supply stores.  For figure drawing in charcoal, the Golden Gate Atelier requires compressed charcoal.  We recommend:

Nitrum Fine Art Charcoal
137 Main Street N, Unit 210
Markham, Ontario L3P 1Y2 Canada

Recommended Drawing Books

  • Harold Speed. The Practice and Science of Drawing. Dover, 1972
  • Gerald Ackerman. Charles Bargue and Jean-Leon Gerome: Drawing Course, ACR, 2007
  • Robert B. Hale. Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters. Watson-Guptill,1964
  • Rex Vicat Cole. Perspective for the Artist. Dover, 1976
  • LeCoq de Boisbaudran. Training the Memory in Art. Macmillan,1911
  • John Vanderpoel. The Human Figure.  Dover, 1958