I’ve been drawing since is was in middle school. I never thought of art as a career. Much later in life I decided to pursue computer science simply to get a job. After many years of it, beginning to get burned out, I decided to attend the Academy of Art to pursue my art. At the Academy of Art I trained as an illustrator for animation. I drew a lot but I never really in a focused way. Everything thing I trained in always stopped at a certain level. It never had the refinement that I would see in traditional classical art.

After finishing my undergrad I wanted to pursue a masters in fine art but it was just more of the same and couldn’t bare the cost of the school. Then at one point I came across Jacob Collins Grand Central Academy in New York. I noticed how incredibly refined the figure work was, it really caught my eye. There was something very different about these schools/ateliers. I read a lot of books by Juliette Aristides and various other artists that were part of this movement. I just knew I wanted to find out more.

Someone in the small drawing group I was part of told me about Andy Ameral. I looked him up and to my amazement I was really stunned at Andy’s work. And his school was literally a couple of miles from my house. I immediately went to meet Andy. I wanted to be part of the school and he was very excited to welcome me. Soon I discovered that our experiences of art education were really similar.

I am in my third year now and can wholeheartedly say that the Golden Gate Atelier has the right training for me. I’m very grateful for what they offer. From here on one becomes a professional artist and that’s who I truly believe I will be. I’m grateful for my training.


You can see more artwork on my Instagram: www.instagram.com/biz.rasam/