“Andrew’s critiques are clear and to the point, and the quality of his teaching can be seen in the progress his students make.  I studied figurative art for years, but feel like I never really got the education I was looking for until I found the Golden Gate Atelier.”   —Tess

” I am grateful for the intense structure and focus of the Golden Gate Atelier program. Beginning with Bargue drawings and moving into study of casts, portraits, and the human figure, Andy and Sean teach us to really see what we are looking at, to have a discerning eye, and to consider realist figurative art from historic as well as contemporary perspectives.”Karen

” Sean’s approach to teaching drawing is more poetic. His teaching can appeal to my emotions as well as my intellect which interestingly helps me draw with more precision.” — D.G.

“The lectures and field trips give great inspiration and exposure to really good art.”  –Ying

“Andrew Ameral knows the human form through and through, and attention he puts into his teaching is a rare find. He has created an Anatomy and Ecorche program where you’re not just learning the names of all the muscles and the bones, but about their shapes, their purposes, and most importantly how they apply to drawing, painting, and sculpting the human form.”  — Rob